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Anonymous asked: Weekdays your snapchat??? I want to send you stuff!

I’m confused! Did you mean what’s my snapchat? It’s ayoungry. haha

Anonymous asked: Do you snap back I would love to see your uncut cock? Also where do you live? Don't worry not going to stalk you. ;P

I do snap back when I’m free… and horny! And I live in Ohio!

Anonymous asked: DO you get a lot of hot submissions?

Hells yeah! You can check all of them here. Make sure you scroll down till the end lol.

The page looks beautiful, doesn’t it? I’m proud of it!

a-j-c-9-point-7-5 asked: .. excellent taste ;)

Thanks man! I’m glad you like it :)

Anonymous asked: I sent you pics on snapchat but you never posted them...

Sorry, but not everything gets posted. I get dozens of pics every day! I appreciate all of them, but sometimes they aren’t so good (bad angles, lightening, etc), sometimes I’m too sleepy when I check the app… but keep them coming! I love seeing all those cocks :)

Anonymous asked: I typed in OU_boy no spaces just the underscore and nothing popped up on snapchat. Did I do it wrong?

Damn, I’m sorry! OU_boy is my kik!

My snapchat is ayoungry. Fixed :)